The infinitesimal distance between two bodies

A behind-the-scene look at two dancers as they rehearse and prepare themselves before they go on stage. A duet emerges out as the dancers work out mundane things, rehearsing their routines, making adjustments, negotiations and compromises. Is is a duet that does not impress; rather, it is built on non-spectacularity, on labouring and everydayness. Shifting between fiction and reality, we begin to question when the performance and the duet actually start and end. The work is essentially a philosophical exploration on the idea of pre-formance and the concept of potentiality. If everything happens in a constant flux, might it not be possible that the performance and our relationship have already begun, even before we know it?

The work was commissioned by The Esplanade (Singapore) for the Da:ns Festival 2013 and premiered on the 11th Oct 2013 in the Theatre Studio at The Esplanade (Singapore).

Artistic team
Concept                                           : Ming Poon
Choreography and performance: Ming Poon and Scarlet Yu
Dramaturgy                                    : Lim How Ngean
Lighting design                               : Lim Woan Wen
Sound design                                  : Zai Tang